Perhaps you know the UMMO brand, but do you know who is behind it? It's us, the Kolorowe Kable team, this time in a monochrome version! After all, it does not always have to be so colorful (at least in the interior :)), lovers of minimalism in black and white will surely confirm it. Meanwhile, the UMMO brand offers a sea of ​​possibilities when arranging home lighting.


Where did the idea to create a new brand come from? During one of our stays at the Salone del Mobile Milano, we were delighted with the variety of spherical forms in the broadly understood design. Inspired, we decided to translate our enchantment into the language of lighting, creating a minimalist collection of lamps in black and white. We have designed over 30 models of lamps that are to combine timeless simplicity with sophisticated trends in interior design. Milky glass lampshades, contrasting with the black of metal structures, are the hallmark of UMMO. Why the name UMMO? There are at least several reasons! This is a play on words in Polish: “UMMOrza brzegu” - “at the "seaside" or with a slight grain of salt U M(ariusza) M(ichała) O(świetlenie) - "at Mariusz and Michał's lighting", i.e. the name, starting with the first letters of our names. :)

We prepare our lamps with great attention to every detail. We focus on carefully selected, domestic materials to ensure the highest quality of products. UMMO lamps are hand folded in our Gdynia studio, thanks to which we can take care of our lighting on an ongoing basis at almost every stage of its creation.


UMMO's offer includes a wide selection of interior lamps - modern, and at the same time created with respect for the classics - which will allow for a consistent arrangement of all spaces. Koban E or Kuul D wall lamps are perfect, for example, next to the mirror in the bathroom or next to the bed. The standing models (Koban St, Epli St) perfectly illuminate the place of work or rest. On the other hand, hanging lamps with several lamp shades, such as Enkel 4, Runno or Kuglo D, allow you to beautifully light the shared meals at the dining table. And this is just a sample of the possibilities offered by UMMO lamps. In addition, you can choose several colors of the cable braid and its length, which will make the lamp even better fit into the interior design.

Original and stylish lighting at an attractive price? We make it possible! Check it out for yourself :)